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I Had a dream last night,

I was riding bike with two friends we went past a gas station on bike
and there were four cop cars there and then we where riding down a country side hill road that
was long and perfect but there were a few cars on the road so me and my two friends stopped
at a park that was down the hill in the middle of no where on the hill and there where three guys
and two girls that me and my two friends didn't know then. The first guys name was Kyle he was
16, The second guys name was Bo He was 15, The third guys name was Chris he was 16 1/2.
The two girls names where Anna and Eve. The Guys there didn't like my friends and then my
friends disipered and i didn't know how they did so i thought the people there took them or
did something to them but then I realised that all the people that where at the park never even
moved we all where talking so i know they didn't do anything with them or to them. Then all
the sudden I woke up in my dream and I thought it was all a dream but i noticed I wasn't
at home in bed. I looked around and I was sleeeping on a old bug ridden matress that was
on the concrete floor it looked like I was in a post apocalyptic jail cell. Before I knew
I heard a woman say it's time to get up lazy ass's and eat breakfast. I got up the cell bars
opened and i stepped out and i was in a Post-Apocolyptic juvenile detention center but it
was in a circular tower. Then all the rest of the people stepped out of there cells I could
not beleive it but the everybody from the park was there including my two friends. Then I
ate breakfast and after that i was supposed to write what i wanted on a peice of paper
off the menu so they know what i want fortomorrow's Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.
Then I was to give it two one of the staff members so they could give it to the kitchen,
I couldn't find a menu they said go to my cell the menu should be there in a red box in your
cell I went back and it wasn't there so I looked the window to see what it looks like. I looked
outside from my window and we were in the middle of no were and I noticed that my dream
was outside the park and jungle gym were out ther but it didn't look new it looked old beat up
and with sheets of metal nailed and welded to it and then i walked out of my cell to go back to
the staff and tell them i had no menu just a rules book but then one of the girls stepped in front
of me I noticed it was Eve and she let me borrow her menu and she was trying to flirt with me.
she asked me if i was single and i thought that was odd cause we are basicly in jail but i said
we are locked up and that its not possible to have a relationship and that I would reconsider
if we ever got out of here she was disapointed but she still didn't stop flirting with me and i
could tell that the other guys didn't like that she was interested in me cause she was better
looking than anna. So then I wrote down what I wanted for breakfast on a blue sticky note and
gave it to one of the male staff members then Kyle and Chris got into a fight over a pencil i got
knocked out and later I woke up outside by the park jungle gym and all the boys and girls where
there on the ground passed out then anna woke up then Eve then Bo, Chris and kyle then four of
staff members said attention and they said get in position they where makeing sure we where
all there then they explained that we where going to be competing against each other in some
sort of stunt death race in the arena that was around the old park and they told us that the other
contestants would be able to hit crash and use any advantige to win it's kill or be killed at the end.
Then we got in our cars they looked like scaped together F1 fourmula racing card that ran but looked
like crap and i realised i can't drive i told the staff i couldn't but they just said i would figuar it out.
I figured it out after getting my car rolled four times then i started to get better and better and i kept
winning Eve was always second. On the third event the Eve hit anna car and it rolled five times and it
blew up well then it turned into all the other guys fighting me and the others for the girl that was
interested in me. On the last event all the guys died off fighting each other all i had to do is dodge them
Kyle was trying to run Bo of the track and then they blew up they hit a barrel of gass and TNT, Chris
Tryed to ram me and i dodged him he samshed into a wall and got out of the car on fire then he died.
Then it was just me and Eve the staff said one of us had to kill the other to win. Well we told them we
both want to lose we are not gonna kill anyone suprisingly they said ok go back to your cells on the way
Eve showed me my menu that she took so she could get a chance to talk to me then there somthing
happend the sky turned red and all our serounding melted and disipated and there where demons and
paranormal shit every where we kept fighting demons for hours and then she fell into a poral but i
kept fighting i drove over to the portal she drove into then i noticed that if i looked into the portal i saw
her running up hill to the same gas station in my dream so i jumped threw the portal. It was raining and
storming. I got some clothes from someone down the street from where i live then I went into the gas
station to look for Eve because all four cop cars where still there, I didn't want her to sound like a freak
explaining every thing we went threw so I walked in to ask if they saw her i said she has blonde hair
she's skinda skinny she has blue eyes and she has a bloody scrape on her neck and then she walked up
to me she had jeggings on and a black hoody with a pink v-neck shirt under it and she had supra high tops
on and makeup and she said don't I know know you from somewhere and i said yes you do. She was
with Kyle, Bo and Chris and anna she said we where getting ready to go to the park down the country side
road but its raining she said it was supposed to be perfect summer day weather then i said do me a favor
and come with me i explained to her what we went threw and she she said she had a dream similar to
what i said a week ago i told her not to ever go to that park again what i said could happen to you in reverse
with you telling me the same thing. Then 2 years later we where together and married.

Then I Woke Up.
  • Listening to: The Eagles - Hotel California
  • Eating: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Drinking: NOS Energy Drink


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Joshua T. Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an 20 Year old DeviantARTiST, Gamer & Metalhead, Headbanger or whatever you call it, I love Metal I live in a small town in Ohio I have Cystic Fibrosis its a terminal illness that affects my Lungs and bowels so I don't get out much and I am in the hospital a lot so I have a good bit of time on my hands so I'm always on my computer. Whether it's pc gaming, modding pc games or editing photos I'm usually always online.


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